c720 Trackpad set up

I reinstalled or upgraded my c720 or something and things are a bit all over the place. Tonight I started firefox in the hackerspace and noticed my trackpad wasn't working, it needs to be explicitly setup. This is mentioned on the comprehensive FreeBSD c720 guide , but there have been some updates to the driver that aren't reflected on the page. You now need to load the chromebook_platform driver manually.

# kldload chromebook_platform
# kldload ig4
# kldload cyapa

The cyapa driver offers all the features you would want from a trackpad, two finger dragging, thresholds for taps and an three button mouse emulation mode.

# sysctl debug.cyapa_enable_tapclick=3

Which gives me the following awesome mouse button layout on the trackpad.

        Trackpad layout

         2/3               1/3
|                    |   Middle   |
|                    |   Button   |
|       Left         |            |
|      Button        +------------+
|                    |   Right    |
|                    |   Button   |
|     Thumb/Button Area           | 15%

Also disable super danger mode:

# echo "hw.acpi.power_button_state=NONE" >> /etc/sysctl.conf