Loch Brandy

Went up a hill today.

It was a change from sitting inside, the view was really nice. On the way up I was thinking about photography and finding the right equipment. It is pretty clear my J1 with a 10mm pancake lens isn't ideal for landscape photography, but I am not really sure how to get a set of gear to make the photos I want to take possible.

Sitting down with books and reviews are the obvious way to figure this out, but maybe there is a more 'fun' solution. Here's an idea for free:

  • We take in the camera equipment you already have.
  • You go through flickr, 500px or something else and tag photos you wish you had taken.
  • We parse out the lens/camera used
  • We recommend the gear to help take the photos you want

Skill will have to be provided by the user.

It is Sunday, so that makes seven days of writing .

Reading: Babylon's Ashes