33c3 Spaaaaaaaaaaace!

The CCC put together an excellent track of talks about Science and Space technology. I chewed through a lot of them yesterday, they set a really great tone and are aimed really well at their audience.

I have been thinking recently about organising events locally that have much more technical content than the current things that happen. Up here there isn't the density of expertise required to run a monthly or even quarterly event without running out of fresh speakers very quickly.

Techmeetup Aberdeen really struggles to bring speakers in, very have many times falling back to a set of 'known good' speakers from the local hackerspace .

Sessions by experts in a field with technical content, aimed at Non Cyber Muggles from other fields (similar pitching as the space track talks) could work very well. I will have to play with this idea and see if people from other fields are interesting in taking part.

Reading: Babylon's Ashes