33C3 Lightning talk

I got the confirmation email today, I will be presenting a lightning talk about internet transport at congress. There are about one hundred billion lightning talks at each congress spread over three days, the bar for entry is much lower than a real track talk. I am happy to be included with the likes of the hacker yoga guy from camp. The lightning talk reveals the secret fourth planned item for my trip to hamburg.

With my FOSDEM talks and congress I have been preparing 'external' facing presentations a lot this month. I am now sure that there isn't any fixed length of talk that really works. 55 minutes is a lot of time to speak for, writing a coherent story that will come across in that amount of time is hard.

And yet, a 5 minute lightning talk slow is a horrible thing! There isn't much time to speak, which means there is almost no time at all to get your problems out and your solutions in order.

I am quite sure the lightning talks are live streamed, they are certainly recorded. I will post a link to the timeslot once I know when it is, the live stream just before it happens and the video once it is posted.

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