Congress Plans

The most important twitter account counts down the remaining days to congress. Today there are just 19 days left until a hole opens in the universe and excellent people appear to keep the base going.

Ignoring the large amount of realwork™ I have to do, there is a lot of important stuff to be prepared for congress. I have tried to avoid committing to doing anything on my holiday, but I plan to bring the following three ideas:

  • RGB Pixel Display
    • I have a 8x8 neopixel display with a small case. I am planning to make it controllable via UDP packets and leave it on the open network for other people to find and play with.
  • Slow TV
    • Multicast video feed showing relaxing slow paced video. I have a lot of driving from my trip to Iceland. I will include some other feeds I have picked up in the last few month. We might include a radio station a long side, but that bit hasn't been figured out yet.
  • Some sort of display showing:
    • rainbowstream
    • cool stuff pulled of the open wifi, images, password wall of sheep style.

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