Bookcase Pi

Last night, I drilled some holes in a book case and bricked a pi. That isn't so interesting, unless you really like holes in wood, and it leaves me at a loss what write about.

Okay, fine. I have this awesome eink screen for the pi, I got it to do something like this tide clock . I don't want single purpose things lying around, the same pi is going to be running mpd my music player of choice. It will be using the screen to show cool effects (like the thing on it now) and probably stats about things.

What things, I have no idea. Maybe: * bus times * output from the house sensors * whats playing * network uptime

See, it isn't really fleshed out yet. I do have all the code to write stuff to the screen, it took ages to get working using python, cairo and pango. Now I have holes drilled and audio cables routed through the book case, I need to get the pi up and doing music.

It is not ready yet.

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