Unreasonable Podcast Episode 0x02

So far yakamo and I have been consistently able to record our unreasonable podcast , the third episode, 0x02 came out on Monday.

Recording for the show has been okay so far, we have been using mumble to run our call while producing local recordings with audacity and a backup recording with mumble itself.

The back up recording has already been useful, I selected the wrong channel in audacity and didn't notice the flat waveform coming out of my mic. There has been a lot of trouble with the audio streams going out of sync making it bothersome to edit in audacity. I hope that is related to my own rate issues on my local recordings. I will see when I get to editing 0x03.

I think the show will probably get closer in structure to other shows as we go, I have already given in and you will hear intro noise in episode 0x02 . You will probably also hear us saying the name of the podcast a lot, that should remind people what they are listening to.