Glitch Cards

Great news today about David Miranda's Case , but I can't help but feel down with the direction of the country. I can see British law being deemed incompatible with the ECHR being used to strengthen arguments against being a signatory to ECHR and part of the EU.

At home we have GCHQ dismantling secure communications at every turn. The low price of oil is causing a down turn up here and it doesn't look like there is bright future. Sometimes it is hard to stay positive when you let the real world seep in.

While I sit numbly at my desk I like to restlessly fumble with anything at hand. This week it has been this awesome mind bending deck of cards . I have already had many visitors complain my cards are misprinted and hurt their head, this real world glitch is doing well. The glitch_art sub reddit contains many more examples of images like these. None quite as satisfying as holding these 'broken' playing cards.