57N Stupid Shit No One Needs Hackathon

Hibby and I were happy to announce the first 57N Stupid Shit No One Needs Hackathon this week. It isn't often that you come across a strange link in your search history and it turns into an awesome event, we seem to have beaten the odds.

The first Stupid hackathon I read about produced some of the coolest ideas for pointless things I have ever seen. The best one to make the event clear has to be endless.horse .

So what are you going to do Tom?

Of the many terrible ideas I have each day, only a few are worth spending 48 hours polishing to death. This coming weekend I have decided to take two technologies I have been gradually learning, mirco controllers and DSP, and build the most terrifyingly bad things I can think of.

So tomorrow prepare yourself to see the start of a paper cup and string telegraph being forged in 57North Hacklab.