campGND network

One of the facilities at campGND is going to be a wireless network. The hope is to have the network running for the majority of the time. I have built a wireless network at a campsite before, that was made easier by having guaranteed bandwidth from a satellite terminal.

The plan is to have a wireless network for the campsite served by a MikroTik . Using a wireless bridge to reach to the farmhouse. The farmhouse is out of site of the fields we are planning to use. Instead of having wifi doing the full jump I am going to run ethernet as far as possible.

At campGND we are depending on a few things that could be fickle.

  • BT Home Broadband
  • A long run of ethernet
  • Solar Cells and a battery for network power.

Our final back haul is the BT network the site is pretty off the grid for phone reception so we are stuck with BT. We have to be able to make a long hop form the farmhouse before we can do a wireless link down to the site. The solar cells will provide enough to run wireless access points during the day. I think at night we might be a little drunk to care.

I still need to do some testing of the wireless hardware but the plan is to use the following.

  • 100M run of Ethernet.
  • Injected POE, then split POE.
  • 2x WRT54G's.
  • A MikroTik access point.
  • Solar Cells for with battery backing for night time.