It is actually

campGND is coming up and it is time to start talking about my projects for the weekend. With our remote location I thought it would be fun to play with something flaming and dangerous.

Rockets were the first thing that came to mind, I haven't done much with rockets beyond launching fireworks a couple of times. Doing my first launches at campGND would probably slow everything down somewhat. I got myself a starter kit from Model Rocket Shop and some extra motors, for a bigger bang.

Iain and myself went out to Balmedie Beach to have a test run with my new toy. We got a couple of videos of the rockets going up, excuse the portrait slow-mo.

On the first launch the recovery canopy got slightly melted by the rocket motor. This meant we didn't really have any recovery mechanism for the rest of the launches. The beach was pretty deserted in the dunes so this wasn't a big deal. At campGND loosing recovery could make things a little tricky.

For campGND I am planning on adding some telemetric data to the rockets, using an Arduino and some sensors. I also want to try adding a camera to the nose cone on a rocket.