Far Too Much Summer

There was frost on the car this morning we can declare summer concluded. These last 3 months have been very intense, an absolute ton of fun, but the intensity meant very little down time.

I plan to write a series of blog posts to capture some of excellent adventures I had. As always the best things required participation to spare you from inside jokes I will stay close to easily shared realities.

Somehow there was space in this calendar to start running a monthly pancake breakfast at the hackerspace . The next Hacker Breakfast be Sunday the 14th of October.

It is hard to admit. This summer was too much.

It is hard to admin because throughout, despite the travel exhaustion, hangovers and mild illness, it was a ton of fun. The fun came at a cost, post IETF my brain was a puddle and I still had to build a streaming system and write a slide deck based on it.

EuroBSDCon was a major stress inducer for me, I submitted to the CFP with a Proof of Concept, which did work. Getting from the PoC to a presentable system was a lot of work. I allocated time to do this and then filled that time with travel and conferences and my job.

Six large blocks of travel in a row were too many. I need to figure out how to control the commitments I make so I don't become overwhelmed by saying yes.